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Inspired by the Scandinavian way of living, working and developing, BYGG tries to activate value for all stakeholders involved. We actively strive to innovate by stimulating research. We encourage inclusion by participation and we ensure to develop sustainable buildings trough well considered design. We believe value is created at the intersection where buildings meet surroundings, where residents meet neighbours and where innovation meets common sense.

100% SOLD


invest apartments

Investing in L'Héribus means choosing a hassle-free and sustainable investment in quality flats that make a positive social impact. You enjoy a guaranteed income for 27 years with annual indexing, providing you with stability and peace of mind. Thanks to the rental service, you can sit back and relax while your apartment is taken care off, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your investment.


Student housing

A 100% inclusive project in a unique location between Mons' three largest student campuses. It will accommodate 112 student rooms as well as 11 flats for disabled people. Together, they will undoubtedly keep the site alive 24/7.


Residential Apartments

Arlys elevates urban living to new heights. With a focus on young starters, this project nestles itself in the dynamic heart of Kortrijk. It promises to breathe new life into the quality of life for our youth. Living, working, and thriving in the city has never been more enticing. Imagine a place where you can do more than just reside. It's a place infused with lifestyle, offering young starters a launching pad. The ingeniously designed apartments in combination with the social community spaces provide residents with the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and a touch of creativity.


Mixed use

The city of Veurne called for a new green district and directed the transformation of the Suikerfabriek into a vibrant and extremely sustainable residential district. In Suikerpark we focused on balancing extensive nature with innovative architecture and state-of-the-art sustainability measures. Together with developer ION and an extensive team of specialists, we supervise this project from start to finish.