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Actively developing
value together

BYGG is a team of real estate experts determined on actively developing value for cities and citizens. A space only has value when people value it.

we are

Matthieu and Wouter are the founders of BYGG. Their shared interest in developing real estate projects was forged during their collaboration at ION develop different. Together they have over 15 years of proven track records in real estate development and are passionate about developing spaces of the highest quality rooted in sound business cases.

They consistently search for their added value along the way. Stimulating innovation through research. Encouraging inclusion through participation. Ensuring sustainability through design.

BYGG team

What we do


BYGG buys buildings or land, actively develops the plot and sells the result (in its entirety or in parts) to residents or investors. We determine a holistic development strategy and strive for a thorough transformation of the plot together with our team of real estate experts. Providing maximum value, not just maximum profit.


You want a new future for your plot but you don’t feel the need to sell it? BYGG helps you develop your building or land. Our team assists you in defining a specialized strategy, oversees the entire project from start to finish and introduces you to our extensive network in the real estate world.


BYGG acquires and extensively transforms buildings or land to rent them out long term.

What we
stand for

People need

Every space we develop is designed around a clear and ambitious vision to add value for people. From realizing zero carbon buildings and adding mobility features to stimulating neighborhood integration, we supervise all projects meticulously to make sure each one reaches its full potential.

We think beyond the boundaries of the plot and strive for spatial efficiency, interweaving existing functionalities and creating breathing space into a constantly increasing urbanized world.


Our environment is constantly changing, and we’re changing with it. We’re building for the future, and we consciously choose sustainable solutions to make sure we do so. How we work, what we use, who we work with and where we develop are all active choices we consistently make with respect for our surroundings.

But we believe we can effectively make an even bigger dent. For us, that means investing in and contributing to R&D and innovation in order to improve our environment, society and buildings.

Never alone,
always together

We have high ambitions. And we want to assure we skyrocket those by involving a team of experts on the ground to keep us, well, grounded. We believe a well-cooperating team is the key to success and are committed to taking the leap together with our preferred and trusted construction partners and team of advisors.

We never lose sight of the people we’re actually doing it for. We involve the stakeholders every step of the way and consistently look for opportunities to include them throughout the process.

Wanna join us ? 
We are always looking for new talents to work with ! 
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